A reliable workforce is the lifeblood of a successful business. And Maine’s workforce population is healthy and thriving.


Maine is a leader in developing programs and training initiatives that meet the demand for a highly skilled and talented workforce. Maine’s goal is to utilize training programs to help companies solve their immediate hiring needs and then work with our education resources to ensure a consistent pipeline of future workers. The state has initiatives that connect companies with local high schools and colleges to provide customized training for current and future employees.

Higher Education

As we recruit new leaders to the Pine Tree State, we’re also grooming our own.

According to U.S. News & World Report, Maine high schools were ranked the best in the country for producing measurable academic standards and successfully educating its student body across a range of performance indicators. Source:

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative provides professional development and 21st century tools to middle and high school schools to support the attainment of the Maine state standards — Maine was the first state to provide every 7th and 8th grade student with a laptop computer.

Maine boasts a wide array of higher educational institutions, ranging from technical and community colleges to graduate programs. Maine’s higher education system consists of the State University System, the Community College System, and private and public colleges.

State University System
The University of Maine System is comprised of seven universities and eleven regional outreach centers dedicated to academic excellence in areas such as computer sciences, mathematics, engineering, and international studies. Nearly 600 majors, minors and concentrations are available through Maine’s university system. In addition, 75 local interactive television sites deliver distance-education programs. Advanced degree programs and graduate research opportunities are available at two of Maine’s public universities. The University of Maine offers master’s programs in over 60 areas of study and doctoral programs in 25 areas. The University of Southern Maine offers 27 advanced degrees in a wide range of fields.

Community Colleges
The Maine Community College System is a comprehensive two-year public college system, complete with seven community colleges that train thousands of people each year for work in high-growth areas. These include telecommunications, computer technology, alternative energy and general electronics, as well as traditional trades. They also provide no-cost, customized, pre-employment training for employees in Maine. The Community College network offers over 300 career and transfer programs as well as continuing education opportunities. Maine serves over 28,000 people by the state’s community colleges each year – through degree programs, customized training, and credit and non- credit offerings.

Private Colleges
Maine’s private colleges provide diverse and demanding academic environments, rich in programs leading to advanced professional studies and careers in business management. Three of Maine’s private colleges—Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby—are among the top-ranked private colleges in the nation.

Job Training

Maine provides significant state-financed employer-specified training for new employees through the Maine Quality Centers. The Maine Quality Center initiative provides customized recruitment and guaranteed fast-track training designed to employer specifications. The program is offered at no cost, and is delivered by the state’s seven community colleges. Funds are available to new or expanding firms or consortia that create a minimum of eight new full-time jobs with benefits in the state of Maine. The funds are given based on skill requirements, wage benefit levels, and company and labor market analysis.

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