Maine’s Forestry Opportunity

Maine’s expansive northern forest, abundant natural resources, and close proximity to major consumer markets position the state to become a global leader in forestry.

Maine is attracting millions of dollars in investment for forestry projects from companies looking to leverage the Maine wood and timber brand. Our state is home to industry-leading academic and forestry leadership institutions, all dedicated to supporting and growing sustainable forestry technologies.

Maine has recently been designated as a “Tech Hub” by the Biden-Harris Administration for the state’s groundbreaking work in Forest Bioproducts Development.

Confidential And Comprehensive Business Location Services

Maine & Co. provides confidential and comprehensive location and business services for forestry companies looking to locate or expand in the state. We partner with Maine-based academic institutions, engineering consultants, public officials, and private companies to thoroughly identify locations, understand potential sites, and help guide forestry projects from start to finish. Our services are offered at no cost to growing businesses.

How We Help Your Forestry Business

Site Identification and Coordination

Our work includes real estate site identification and site visit coordination. The Maine & Co. team will confidentially research potential sites, providing multiple options based on your project parameters. We will arrange meetings with your team’s public and private sector representatives at the appropriate time.

Data Collection and Analysis

We provide site-specific data collection and analysis services, offering all relevant, up-to-date information on energy, taxes, and wage costs.

Incentives and Valuation

Maine & Co. provides incentives identification and valuation, a comprehensive look at all relevant incentive programs available for business locations, and analyzing these incentives’ short- and long-term value.

Workforce Analysis

Our workforce analysis provides an in-depth look at quantitative data and anecdotal information from actual employers in the area under consideration. This will provide a look at the available workforce and industry expertise.

Maine’s Forestry Outlooks