Early Stage Company

Raising funds & Finding Clients

We have connections. While we are not a funding source or a sales organizations, we do have relationships that can help early stage companies find the right stage funding for the right opportunities. We assist early stage companies considering Maine as location by introducing the ones that make the most sense for the sector, situation, and goals.

For companies looking to raise funds for scalable business ideas, there are a number of resources in Maine, including the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) to the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME). These and other organizations do provide funding to early-stage companies looking to raise funds to develop and scale their organizations.  We are happy to help entrepreneurs understand these resources and meet the right organizations.

For companies that have fully developed their product/market fit and have a significant presence in Maine, gaining new customers and market share is paramount.  As a small organization, Maine & Co. will never be a company’s sales force.  However, as a result of our understanding of Maine’s economy, we may have ideas that can help your company develop a strategy that includes new business in Maine.

Early Stage Growth Company: Looking to
scale (office)

• Workforce cost and availability
• Real Estate
• Incentives
• Accessibility to HQ

Production company: Looking for growth

• Access to markets
• Access to raw materials
• Permitting…time to occupancy
• Transportation (Rail, truck, boat, etc.)
• Taxes
• Incentives
• Lowering cost of start-up operation and early years
• Available facilities
• Electricity costs (and reliability)