Workforce Development

With all of the challenges and unknowns associated with the global economy, one universal truth stands out: There is a national and global shortage of skilled workers available for growing companies. No project will ever succeed unless the right talent is available to the growing company. Maine recognizes this and has developed programs to help address these concerns.

– Maine Quality Centers
– Community Development Block Grant (CDBG): Workforce Development
– Maine Apprenticeship
– Regional Programs

Maine Quality Centers
Under the Maine Quality Centers program, businesses – or consortia of small businesses – creating a minimum of eight new full-time jobs are eligible for customized recruitment, high-performance skills, or customized technical training.

CDBG Workforce Development Grant Program
The Workforce Development Grant Program (WDG) provides funding for creating a new or enhancing an existing training program to address the skills shortage faced by Maine employers. At least 51% of beneficiaries of this program must be low to moderate income.

Maximum grant award: $100,000

Maine Apprenticeship
Maine works together with employers to cover the costs of customized, on-the-job training and classroom programs aimed at providing employees with professional credentials.

Regional Programs
There are various workforce-training programs – funded by both the State and Federal Governments – available throughout the state. Please contact Maine & Company for more information about specific regions.

Overcoming workforce shortages requires short, mid, and long term planning. The programs listed above combined with other resources addresses these short and mid term concerns. Long term, Maine has some of the best K-12 and 2- and 4- year colleges to ensure that companies have a long term supply of talented workers to hire.